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VIN Tag Information
V (or) E 55S001001 - 001700  (The "V" = 8 cylinder, "E" = 6 cylinder Corvettes.)
Digit Definition
1st E = Series / Model = 2934 / Corvette
2nd / 3rd 55 = Model Year
4th S = Assembly Plant = St. Louis, MO.
Last 6 digits Production Number starting with 001001 - 001700.

Engine Suffix ID Numbers
FG: 265ci, 195hp, (automatic transmission)
GR: 265ci, 195hp (manual transmission)
YG: 235ci, 155hp (6-cylinder, automatic transmission)

Block ID Numbers
3703524: 265ci, 195hp
3835911: 235ci, 155hp (6-cylinder)

Head ID Numbers
3703523: 265ci, 195hp
3836241: 235ci, 155hp (6-cylinder)

Carburetor ID Numbers
Carter 2066SA #3706989: 235ci, 155hp (6-cylinder)
Carter 2218S #3717687: 265ci, 195hp (first design)
Carter 2351S #3724158: 265ci, 195hp (second design)

Distributor ID Numbers
1110847: 265ci, 195hp (no vacuum advance)
1110855: 265ci, 195hp (with vacuum advance)
1112314: 235ci, 155hp (6-cylinder)

Generator ID Numbers
1102025: 265ci, 195hp
1102793: 235ci, 155hp (6-cylinder)

Starter ID Numbers
1107627: 265ci, 195hp (first design)
1107645: 265ci, 195hp (second design)
1108035: 235ci, 155hp (6-cylinder)