1953 Corvette - Serial #181 History Profile

1953 Corvette - Serial #181 History Profile

Last Update as of 2003-01-13:
Vehicle Identification Number: E53F001181
Engine Stamping: LAY517163
Casting Date: NA
Casting Number: 3701481
Current Owner: Miller, Chip
Current Location: Carlisle, PA, USA
Current Mileage: 9,201 miles
Current Status: Unrestored

Chip Miller Describes his 1953 Corvette:

The corvette was originally purchased by Mr. Earl C. Hull of Niagara Falls, New York. Mr. Hall was 55 when he purchased the new car in 1953. I purchased the car from Mr. Hall's estate in November of 1972. The mileage at that time was 8,788, and today (May 1995) is just over 9,000. I anticipate keeping the mileage under 10,000 miles in my lifetime.

The 1962 inspection sticker on the car, when I picked the car up, showed 8,205. I still have this inspection sticker. Mr. Hull made two trips to Colorado with the car. The second trip, he had the car transported back to New York by rail. The car seldom saw sun which accounts for the excellent condition of many of the parts, especially the MINT front emblem.

Paint, carpet, complete interior, tires (Firestone Super Balloons) and top are in factory original condition. The spare tire has never been used. Due to age, the original exhaust system has been replaced with near-perfect reproductions, however the original pieces were retained for future reference.

The 1953 Corvette is probably one of the lowest mileage originals left today. At the age of 25 years, it still drives smoothly.

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