1953 Corvette - Serial #043 History Profile

1953 Corvette - Serial #043 History Profile

Last Update as of 2012-09-30:
Vehicle Identification Number: E53F001043
Engine Stamping: LAY395140
Casting Date: F203
Casting Number: 3701481
Current Owner: Bernard, Andre'
Current Location: Thetford Mines, PQ, Canada
Current Mileage: 0 miles
Current Status: Needs Restoration
  • 09-30-2012:  Privately owned by Andre' Bernard of Thetford Mines, PQ, Canada. From Andre' via email:  "I recently bought a #043 1953 Corvette. If ever you have extra information about this Corvette please get in contact with me"
  • 08-08-2012:  Via email:

    "I was looking for some help locating the owner of a 1953 corvette #043. I found some information as to the owner of this car but could use some further assistance. According to a corvette registry, the car was last owned by a Thomas Gavin of LeSueur, MN. The reason for the interest in this car is that my father was the first/original owner in 1954. After his passing, I came across the original bill of sale from the NJ dealer where he purchased it. It lists the Vin number, engine number, etc.

    If you are familiar with this car and /or the owner, please forward my information to them as I would love to share the Bill of Sale as well as some old photos of this car.

    Kyle Burns Verona, NJ

  • 11-25-2002:  Tom Gavin is the last known owner as of 1991. He originally found the car disassembled in Bastrop, Louisiana. He restored the car and won Blooington Gold Certification in 1989. A previous owner was from Macon, GA (as of 1973).

1953 Corvette #43

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