July Corvette History

Showcasing classic Corvette models to the 2003 Corvette, this Official Heritage Chevrolet Corvette Photograph is from the General Motors Media Collection

  • July 1, 2000:  Corvette brand manager Jim Campbell is promoted, and replaced by Rick Baldick.

  • July 2, 1992:  The one millionth Corvette is built. It is a white LT1 roadster, with red interior.

  • July 10, 1994:  At the four-hour endurance GT Championship race at Vallelunga, Italy, a Callaway SuperNatural Corvette LM driven by Andreas Fuchs and Enrico Bertaggia finishes first in GT-2 class and second overall, behind a Ferrari F40.

  • July 17, 1999:  At Knebworth House in Essex, England, 120 Corvettes take part in the longest convoy of Corvettes ever in England. 344 cars in total take part in the main event, the 20th Annual Corvette Nationals of the Classic Corvette Club United Kingdom.

  • July, 1953:  Zora Arkus-Duntov begins working on the Corvette.

  • July, 1956:  Work begins on Project XP-64, a sports/racer built for the upcoming race in Sebring. The car is named the Corvette SS (Super Spyder), or Sebring SS. A clay model of Zora's design is made, and shown to management.

  • July, 1956:  Richard Thompson races a production Corvette to first place in C class - Production, in the Seattle Seafair race, the first SCCA National title for the Corvette.

  • July, 1958:  Bill Mitchell assembles the XP-700, a highly modified Corvette with a long oval nose, and twin-bubble plastic roof. The rear design is later adopted for the 1961 model.

  • July, 1962:  Production begins on the Grand Sport, designed for racing in World Championship races. Production is intended to be 125.

  • July, 1975:  The last 1975 model-year convertible Stingray rolls off the assembly line.

  • July, 1977:  Bill Mitchell resigns from General Motors.

Corvette history compiled by Ken Pollson.