August Corvette History

Showcasing classic Corvette models to the 2003 Corvette, this Official Heritage Chevrolet Corvette Photograph is from the General Motors Media Collection

  • August 1, 1981:  The last Corvette built in the St. Louis assembly plant rolls off the assembly line.

  • August 6, 2000:  A Sports Car America Le Mans Series race is held at Mosport International Raceway, Bowmanville, Ontario.  A Corvette C5-R driven by Ron Fellows and Andy Pilgrim finishes 2nd in GTS class, 0.353 seconds behind a Viper.

  • August 10, 1993:  The 1997 Corvette program begins Concept Alertnatives Selection, in which virtually every part, procedure and design layout is presented, defended, and decided on.  The program provisionally passes, pending a two-week review of some components.

  • August 20, 2000:  In Ste. Croix, Quebec, the Speedvision World Challenge, Round 5, is held. Bill Cooper takes 2nd place in a C5 Corvette.  John Heinricy places 3rd, also racing a C5.

  • August 24, 1963:  The Corvette Grand Sport records its first victory, at Watkins Glen.  Driver Richard Thompson achieves an overal win.

  • August 1958:  Sales of the 1958 model reach 9168 units, enough to turn a profit for the Corvette for the first time.

  • August 1985:  Chevrolet calls Reeves Callaway, ultimately resulting in Callaway building the Twin Turbo Corvette as a Chevrolet dealer option.

  • August 1998:  Dave Hill officially introduces the 1999 hardtop Corvette.  Price is US$38,777.

Corvette history compiled by Ken Pollson.