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Unrestored Low-Mile 1969 L88 Corvette Heads to the Auction

by Rob LoszewskiRob Loszewski
1969 L88 Corvette Coupe - Chassis No. 194379S714904

An un-restored, low-mile, 1969 L88 Corvette Coupe – Chassis No. 194379S714904 is heading to the auction block in the Houston Classic Auction, Houston, TX, May 3rd.  Below is an excerpt from the auction listing:

Nothing says American performance louder than the Corvette. What started as a somewhat mundane attempt at a world class sports car quickly evolved into one of the most iconic cars ever built. While other cars may be hard to tell apart, there’s simply no mistaking a Corvette from any generation as they all have distinctive styling. Indeed, the identity of the Corvette has always had a singular purpose, as there was never a four-door sedan or station wagon version offered. Instead, all out speed, coupled with sleek and sexy styling made for a car that offered the very best in performance. Simply put, if you were looking to take the family on vacation or haul groceries home from the market, Chevrolet had a car for you, but it wasn’t the Corvette. As a two-seater with great performance the Corvette was built for nothing more than pure fun. Through the years, the development of the Corvette has seen many milestones. Certainly the 1963 split-window is a rare and sought after example and even in the modern era 1990 ZR-1 was a fantastic performance car that could take on any Ferrari with no fear. Performance has always been on the front burner with regard to the Corvette image, and no other option displayed that better than the famous L88. By cramming a monster 430 horsepower V-8 engine into the Corvette, GM created a car that is still respected today as one of the most powerful production automobiles ever built. In the present day, any L88 equipped Corvette is a rare and sought after car, but to find a low mileage and pristine example is almost unheard of; and that’s what makes this incredible car so important.

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