National Corvette Museum Participates in the “Museum at Night Challenge”

The National Corvette Museum was selected to participate in the Museum at Night Challenge and they did not disappoint!

The “Museum At Night Challenge” originally began in Belgium, at the Le Pass Science Adventure Park in Frameries and has since swept across the globe as museums challenge each other to participate on social media in order to show the beauty of each museum after the lights go down and public is gone.

It all started last year during the height of the COVID-19 Pandemic as businesses and institutions were forced to shut down and the public required to stay at home.  The challenge was an ingenious way of continuing to publicize the existence of these museums while giving humanity some hope on the other side of the pandemic.

Quickly moving from Belgium and through Italian and European museums, the challenge has now found it’s way to our neck of the woods and recently, the Castle Museum of Saginaw County History in Michigan, challenged the National Corvette Museum (NCM) in Kentucky to pick up the gauntlet. They did not disappoint.

The NCM responded on Facebook with a stunning aerial photograph of the museum at night which you see above.

In turn, the National Corvette Museum has now challenged the Aviation Heritage Park, Auburn Cord Duesenberg Automobile Museum, Historic Railpark, and Train museum of Bowling Green, the Henry Ford, and the Country Music Hall of Fame Museum.

About the National Corvette Museum

If you’re a Corvette enthusiast like we are here at the Corvette Action Center, and you’ve never been to the National Corvette Museum, you’re missing out on of the greatest wonders of the world.  It is the quintessential source for all things Corvette!

The NCM was spearheaded by a small group of members from the National Corvette Restorers Society (NCRS) and officially opened its doors in 1994.

Situated across the street from the Bowling Green Corvette Assembly Plant, the NCM began as a relatively small museum in light of the many years of Corvette production going back to 1953, but over the years, the NCM has utilized some ingenious fundraising and acquired incredible donations allowing them to grow into one of the most amazing automotive museums in the world.

From their website:

The mission of the National Corvette Museum is to celebrate the Corvette’s invention and preserve the legendary automobile’s past, present, and future. The museum will serve as an educational and research model for all to enjoy.

The Museum is to:

  • Promote the restoration, preservation, and conservation of America’s sports car.
  • Be a repository of, and preserve, printed technical materials and historical information on the Corvette automobile.
  • Enhance the knowledge of the general public regarding the design, development, construction, and history of the Corvette automobile.
  • Provide information to the general public, collectors and automobile historians about the Corvette automobile.
  • Provide a facility to house and display the Corvette automobile for public exhibition, and for research in the areas of the automotive sciences and automobile mechanics.
  • Provide historical literature and memorabilia on the Corvette automobile, from its development to the present day, for the general public and collectors.

Announced back in April, the NCM will be expanding once again in order to feature new exhibits housing more unique artifacts from Corvette’s rich history as well as an all new Lifetime Members Lounge.

With tons of Corvette history, exhibits, the Bowling Green Corvette Assembly Plant and the NCM’s very own Motorsports Park, if you’ve never been to the heartland of all things Corvette, we highly encourage you to check it out!

National Corvette Museum:

NCM Motorsports Park:

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