Video: If You Want to Steal A Corvette – Make Sure You Know How to Drive One

The home of California Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Torlakson's home was ransacked while burglars searched for keys to a Corvette, police said. (Published Thursday, Apr 2, 2015)

In the “I see dumb people” department, a couple idiots tried stealing a Corvette, but didn’t know how to drive a stick shift.

In Pittsburgh, California, burglars ransacked the home of Tom Torlakson, the California Superintendent of Public Instruction and searched for the keys to his Corvette.  However, what the two thieves didn’t know is that Torlakson had a surveillance camera installed outside of his home.

On Wednesday afternoon, these two geniuses attempted to get away in his Corvette, but much to their surprise, they couldn’t find the letters R – N – D on the shifter.  They were only able to drive the car three houses down the street until…well…watch the video…

Source:  NBC Bay Area

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