GM Trademarks Corvette Manta Ray

GM Trademarks Corvette Manta Ray

Could a new model of Corvette called the “Manta Ray” be coming down the pipeline?  We certainly hope so!

On June 18, 2015, GM officially trademarked “Corvette Manta Ray” and “Manta Ray” with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

If you recall, “Manta Ray” isn’t new to the Corvette.  We saw the name used on a 1969 Corvette concept vehicle. That concept featured a unique side exhaust system, a two-tone paint finish that was designed to mimic that of a shark, new headlights and an heavily, modified roof line and back end design, and powered by an upgraded ZL-1 427 V8 engine.

It’s anyone’s guess what GM may have planned for the name, but there is no doubt, it could be used for another future concept, or even a special production Corvette model.  Stay tuned!

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