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Corvette Restoration Shop Opens in Southwick, Massachusetts

by Rob LoszewskiRob Loszewski
1965 Corvette Body Restoration

New England Vettes: Corvette Restoration Opens in Southwick

A new Corvette restoration shop has opened in Southwick, MA that is proven to impress Corvette enthusiasts and owners. New England Vettes is a small, one owner, restoration facility dedicated strictly to the restoration and repair of classic Corvettes. Whether your beloved Corvette needs a tune-up or you are looking to get into a full frame-off restoration, New England Vettes is prepared to meet your Corvette servicing needs.

The repair shop is located in the small, rural town of Southwick, Massachusetts and is run by an owner and his wife with over 15 years of experiencing restoring all types of classic Corvettes. The shop will offer a variety of services including but not limited to, tune-ups, full and partial restorations, air conditioning systems, brakes, steering, electrical, interior, suspension replacements, performance upgrades, welding and fabrication, fiberglass work, and engine repair.

New England Vettes offers Corvette owners a wide array of services and provides top level customer care and support. If you are a Corvette owner looking to get your beloved car repaired or restored, you can trust that New England Vettes is the place that will meet all your needs and will work to get your Corvette into award winning shape.

While located in Massachusetts we over corvette restoration services to all of greater New England and the United States.

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