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C5 Corvette Z06 Involved in Street Racing Blamed in fiery Kansas Crash

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It’s never a good idea to street-race, regardless of whether or not you’re driving a Corvette or any other automobile.  Not only are you putting your own life at risk, but you’re risking the lives of innocent people around you if you lose control of your car.

A prime example is this C5 Corvette Z06 that was recently involved in a street race in Overland Park, Kansas.


Five people went to a hospital after a fiery street-racing crash in Overland Park late Wednesday afternoon.

“I did hear them revving their engines up,” said Max Miller. “It sounded like they were racing down the street.”

Miller said he didn’t have time to get his shoes when he ran to help the driver of a Chevrolet Corvette.

“The guy was stuck in there, both his legs broken up against the dash,” he said.

Four teenagers who were in a pickup truck that rolled over were taken to a hospital.

Remember folks, if you want to play around with your Corvette and test its capabilities, keep it on the track.  Don’t risk killing yourself or others!

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