Bomb and Hostage Hoax at the National Corvette Museum

Hostage Hoax At National Corvette Museum

On any given day, you can turn on the news and see that lately, there is no shortage of general lunacy running rampant these days.  It seems the National Corvette Museum is not immune to this lunacy as well.

WBKO TV out of Bowling Green, Kentucky reported yesterday that an idiot called the Bowling Green Police Department from a blocked phone number, and stated that he was holding five people hostage in the Museum, stabbed one of them, and demanded $50,000 in cash.  If he didn’t get the money, he threatened to kill all of them.

An hour later he called back and said that if he didn’t receive the money in one hour, a bomb would go off inside the Museum.

Watch the video above for more details!

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Source:  WBKO TV

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