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1962 Corvette is owner’s pride and joy

by Rob LoszewskiRob Loszewski

Chevy sports car is owner’s pride and joy

Trail woman has used her Corvette as daily transportation for more than 50 years

By Alyn Edwards,

Ann-Shirley Goodell ordered her new Corvette roadster on Jan. 15, 1962 at King Chevrolet in Cincinnati, Ohio. The car cost $3,747.85 with taxes and license. This was slightly more than her annual salary as a nurse.

A native of the B.C. Interior city of Trail, the University of British Columbia nursing graduate had moved to Ohio for her graduate degree and a research job. Her father, who worked at the Trail metals smelter for 40 years, suggested she get a new Oldsmobile, drive it for two years, bring it into Canada without import duties and then he would purchase it.

But the Oldsmobile proved to be a lemon with constant brake problems. Since Goodell loved Corvettes, she went back to her original plan to buy one and “keep it forever.” Her short ownership of the Oldsmobile cost her $800. The fawn beige Corvette arrived in time for spring top-down motoring and she is still cruising in her Corvette more than half a century later having racked up at least 300,000 kilometres in the process.

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