Update on 2020 Corvette Orders and Production

It’s been exactly one week now since the 2020 mid-engine C8 Corvette was unveiled to the public in California, and as we predicted, it took the automotive world by storm!

While the reveal answered many questions that Corvette enthusiasts had for quite some time now, it also raised new questions. Price? Ordering? Option pricing? Start of production? Hopefully, the information in this article will help answer some of those questions.

While GM’s 2020 Corvette configurator went live on the web during the unveiling a week ago, starting yesterday, Chevrolet dealers are now able to access GM’s quick order system sans pricing.

That means, you can walk into your local Chevrolet dealership, sit down with a staff member, and have them configure a 2020 Corvette build for you. They just can’t give you the final pricing, since pricing isn’t in the system yet.

Below is an example of 2020 Corvette options to choose from for a 3LT equipped Stingray:

Looking at the options above and playing around with the online configurator, you can tell that there will be more options available than ever before to help you customize your 2020 Corvette Stingray just the way you want.

Once your 2020 Corvette build is configured, the dealership can save that build and then upload it into the system once pricing is available.

To help you get a little bit of an idea of what options you’d like on your new Stingray, you can download the 2020 Corvette Stingray Playbook right here.

Pricing and Production

Starting on August 15th, ordering WITH pricing will be available, so Chevy dealerships will be able to configure a 2020 Corvette with pricing for you.

Some online forums are reporting here-say that starting MSRP will be $58,995 and that the trim packages are actually priced a little lower than what they currently are for the 2019 model year. Understand, this is nothing more than rumor, since pricing has not been revealed to anyone in Chevrolet’s dealership network. If someone tells you that pricing will be this, that, or the other – take it with a grain of salt. Nothing is official yet!

On September 12th, dealers that have been given allocation, will be able to finally start to submit orders for 2020 Corvettes into GM’s system.

The start of 2020 Corvette production doesn’t begin until December 2nd. So keep in mind, as in the start of production for previous generations, GM will sometimes place an indefinite hold on the first Corvettes built to ensure quality control and production standards are up to par.

When will the first 2020 Corvettes start hitting the ground at Chevrolet dealerships? That is the big question! Again, it all depends on if the first cars built, are held at the factory prior to shipping and how long they’re held for.

2020 Corvette Mobile Tour

In the meantime, while waiting for these important dates to arrive, a 2020 Corvette is currently making it’s way to select dealerships across the country. If you’d like to see the new 2020 Corvette up close and personal, contact your local Chevy dealer to see if the Mobile Tour will be making it to your neck of the woods.

2020 Corvette Mobile Tour

Just keep in mind, that some dealerships have decided to keep the doors locked to the Mobile Tour model that they have on display and a lot of people aren’t too happy about it. Customers need to understand that this is not a GM mandate, but a requirement that the dealerships are imposing due to the large number of people attending. Some of the bigger dealerships literally have thousands of people planning to attend their Mobile Tour event. In order to try and keep the flow of traffic moving so that everyone gets to see the 2020 Corvette in person, some dealerships will not allow customers to sit inside the car. It’s purely up to the dealership owners and not GM.

2020 Corvette Mobile Tour – Click for larger view

MacMulkin Chevrolet of Nashua, New Hampshire, which is near me, will have the 2020 Corvette on display, August 7th and I’ll be in attendance. I plan on taking as many pictures as I can and learning more about this eighth generation of Corvette, so stay tuned!

If the 2020 Corvette Mobile Tour isn’t coming to a dealership near you, our friends at Carlisle Events will be having their annual Corvettes at Carlisle show at the end of August.

Every year, numerous members of the Corvette Engineering and Design teams show up with the newest Corvette models available and put on a fantastic display as well as seminars and question & answer sessions for enthusiasts. If you can make it to the Carlisle Fairgrounds in Pennsylvania for Corvettes at Carlisle, I strongly urge you to attend.

Chime in with your thoughts in the forums!

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