Spy Shots and Rumors Shed a Little More Light on the Mid-Engine Corvette

Last week, spy photographers were able to catch a near production spec mid-engine Corvette out testing before Corvette engineers were able to stop the car and begin covering it up with more camouflage.

We can definitely see the mid-engine Corvette in more detail including the overall lines and shape of the car.

What’s interesting to note here is that it appears that the mid-engine Corvette will possibly retain many of the same lines of the current C7 Corvette, but will be slightly smaller in size, with the most notable differences seen in the front and rear ends of the car.  This isn’t unexpected since Car and Driver magazine reported back in late 2012 / early 2013, that the mid-engine Corvette was expected to debut as the seventh generation Corvette.  However, due to the government bailout and corporate restructuring of GM, the plans for a mid-engine Corvette had been temporarily shelved due to the enormous funds required in engineering and developing a whole new Corvette from the ground up. 

Car and Driver predicted that the C7 Corvette was expected to be a short-run generation similar to the 1963 – 1967 midyear Corvette generation and the mid-engine Corvette would debut after as the C8 generation. 

A couple months ago, we reported that the mid-engine Corvette was officially approved by GM engineers for the 2019 model year and that the C7 Corvette would continue to be built along side the mid-engine Corvette and come to an end that year.

Whatever may be the case, it appears that the mid-engine Corvette will be a natural evolution of the current C7 Corvette with the most obvious difference being the placement of the engine.

Rumors continue to swirl including three different models offering a fixed roof, a targa top, and a full glass roof panel, as well as three different powertrain options codenamed LT2, LT6 and LT7.

Our prediction is that two of those powertrains will be gas-powered, while the remaining powertrain option, reserved for the “Zora”, will be a gas/electric hybrid combination similar to what Ferrari uses on their La Ferrari model.

For now, enjoy the photos below and click on them for a larger view!

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