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Second Largest Corvette Dealer in the World Rolls Out Corvette Order Wait Lists for its Customers

by Rob LoszewskiRob Loszewski
MacMulkin Chevrolet Corvette Inventory

MacMulkin Chevrolet of Nashua, New Hampshire releases C8 Corvette order waiting lists to better inform their customers

With demand for the C8 Corvette still running strong and production continuing to be affected by supply chain impediments, it’s no wonder that customers who have been waiting for months for their new C8 are trying to track the status of their orders on a daily basis.

In an unprecedented move by a Chevrolet dealer, MacMulkin Chevrolet of Nashua, New Hampshire has publicly released its order waiting lists for their customers to track their placement on a deposit list.

Being the second largest Corvette dealer in the world and, at times, the #1 Corvette dealer in the world – such as last month, you can imagine the number of phone calls and emails they receive from customers wanting to know where they stand with their Corvette orders.

MacMulkin Chevrolet CorvetteIn order to improve efficiency and productivity within the Corvette Department, the dealership now databases all of their orders from waiting lists to placed-orders so that their customers are never left in the dark.

Pre-Order List vs. Ordering Tracking List

So how does it work?

While ordering a new Corvette can seem like a daunting task, the Corvette Team at MacMulkin Chevrolet makes it pretty darn easy.

Simply reach out to the Corvette Team for details on submitting an order deposit. Once your deposit is received, you’re then placed on an official waiting list.  As deposits received ahead of you move down the line, so does your spot on the list.

During that time, you can use Chevrolet’s online Corvette build tool, to build and configure your perfect C8 Corvette.

Once it comes time to actually place your order with allocation, MacMulkin’s Corvette Team will then reach out to you to help finalize the details of your build. At that point, you’ll be moved from the waiting list to the order-tracking list where you can track your order as it progresses through GM’s system.

2020 Corvette Order Tracking

2020 Corvette Order Tracking Example

For more details on how the whole ordering process works, check out How to Order a New Corvette and Understand the Process.

About MacMulkin Chevrolet

MacMulkin Chevrolet of Nashua, New Hampshire is the #2 Corvette dealer in the world, and has been periodically hitting the #1 spot!

Their Corvette Team strives to work closely with each and every customer in order to help them select the very best Corvette to meet all of their needs and desires.

If you order a new Corvette from the Corvette Team at MacMulkin, they will comfortably guide you through the entire build and order process.  If you purchase one of our in-stock Corvettes, they’ll make the entire sales experience from the paperwork process to the delivery process, as quick and easy as possible.

When you purchase your Corvette from them, you’re not just becoming another Corvette owner; you’re becoming a member of the MacMulkin Corvette family!

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