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Production and Consensus Updates for 2021 Corvette Production

by Bradan DonaldsonBradan Donaldson
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New allocation cycle to be released for 2021 Corvette production through the week of June 28 as 2022 model year dates are clarified

Early this morning, Chevrolet released 2021 Corvette production and consensus updates to dealers this month.

According to the report, there are approximately 11,000 2021 Corvette orders currently in the system.  As we reported a couple of weeks ago, on March 25th, Chevrolet suspended the ability to create 2021 Corvette sold orders in GM’s Order Work Bench system.  Contrary to what many customers feared, this did not prevent the processing of existing sold orders (SRE) with allocation, or preventing dealers from creating orders for stock inventory (TRE).

Constraint Updates

As per the report, the black trident wheels (RPO 5DF) are available to order again and starting on April 19th, the High Wing Spoiler (RPO 5ZZ/5ZU) and the grey outdoor car covers (RPO RWJ/RNX) will be available to order again.

2020 Corvette Stingray Coupe with High Wing Spoiler OptionThis is great news for customers because the high wing spoiler option was canceled early on due to supplier issues even though it was an extremely popular option.

What is Consensus?

So what exactly is “consensus” and what does it mean?

While there’s several different explanations of what consensus means as it relates to GM’s ordering system, in general, this is the point at which GM looks at the number of orders in the system submitted by a dealer as well as how much inventory of that model is currently on the ground at that dealership.  From there, GM determines how much allocation to distribute to that dealer.

In the next week or two, Chevrolet dealers should learn what their 2021 Corvette allocation numbers will be for the months of May, June and July.

For much of the 2021 model year, GM has been distributing Corvette allocation on a quarterly basis.  The last distribution was for February, March and April.  Following this pattern, we would expect the allocation numbers to be announced for the months of May, June and July.  However, there’s a catch…

According to the consensus deck (which is as vague as it possibly can be) it states that the Corvette allocation group is for production through the week of June 28th.  As a result, we’re unsure if allocation will be given for the months of June and July.

While some believe the rumors that 2021 production will finish at the end of June, it’s our belief that the 2021 model year won’t end until some time in late July to early August.  Here’s why:

2022 Corvette Production Key Dates

According to the April 2021 Chevrolet Consensus deck, the 2022 Corvette order guide will be released in early June and the 2022 Corvette Build Your Own tool will go live on Chevrolet’s site in early September.

Although not exact dates were issued, given the time frame and the fact that the last date of production for the 2021 Corvette in Shadow Gray Metallic is the week of July 19th, we would expect 2021 production could extend past this time period.

2021 Corvette DOSPWe could be right or we could be wrong.  Time will tell.

We should have a much clearer understanding of when 2021/2022 Corvette production will end and start once the next cycle of allocation numbers is released.

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