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Potential Water Leak May Exist on Some 2020 – 2021 Corvettes

by Bradan DonaldsonBradan Donaldson
2020 Corvette Passenger Side View

According to a Chevrolet Service Update Bulletin, the HVAC condensate drain hose may not be fully installed resulting in a water leak on some 2020 – 2021 Corvettes

Yesterday, Chevrolet released Service Update Bulletin #N212327740 outlining a potential issue with the HVAC condensate drain hose not being fully connected on some 2020 – 2021 Corvettes.

Located  in the passenger side footwell along the center tunnel, the drain hose may not have been properly installed resulting in a loose connection or complete disconnect.  As a result, condensation from the tube could potentially accumulate under the carpeting on the passenger side.

As per the bulletin, the affected cars will be flagged within GM’s Global Connect system alerting dealers to check the hose next time the customer brings their C8 Corvette in for regular service.

A service technician simply needs to remove the front floor side console trim panel, peel back the carpeting and re-attach the hose to its proper position if it’s become disconnected.

No parts need to be replaced.

Source: Chevrolet Service

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