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Official Confirmation of Corvette Plant Closing and Constraints

Chevy dealers received confirmation yesterday that 2022 Corvette production would come to a halt next week as well as clarification on constraints

by Bradan DonaldsonBradan Donaldson
Bowling Green Corvette Assembly Plant

Yesterday we announced that the Bowling Green Corvette Assembly Plant would be closed next week bringing 2022 Corvette production to a halt due to supply chain issues.

Even though the Corvette Assembly Plant will be closed, Jack Cooper Transport will continue to transport 2022 Corvettes that have already been built and awaiting shipment to dealers.

Below is the official letter Chevy dealers received from GM confirming the shutdown and related constraints:

Chevrolet Dealer,

Due to a temporary part constraint, Bowling Green Assembly will take downtime next week (week of March 21) on both first and second shift. Our supply chain, manufacturing, and engineering teams are working closely with suppliers to mitigate further impacts on production and we expect to resume operations the week of March 28.

Additionally, Chevrolet is currently experiencing significant constraints in the final allocation of model year 2022 Corvette Stingray on the supply of mechanical components for Stingray (without Z51 equipped).

We understand that this creates additional challenges for you, your staff and our customers with existing sold orders. Please know that our teams are working diligently to alleviate these temporary constraints.

In the meantime, please work with impacted customers to provide proper guidance on the status of their order.
If you have earned a Z51 Performance Package allocation, customers impacted by mechanical component constraints for Stingray may:

  • Add Z51 Performance Package to their order ($6,345).
  • Cancel order and resubmit for MY2023.

If you do not have additional Z51 Performance package allocation, your customer should cancel their order and resubmit for MY2023.

Finally, there is currently not a constraint on FE2/FE4 chassis options this week. We will try to fulfill as many orders as we can for model year 2022, but this remains a fluid situation.

Thank you,

Source:  Chevrolet

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