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Latest Production Updates for the 2022 Corvette

Start of regular production for the 2022 Corvette is set to begin on September 6th

by Bradan DonaldsonBradan Donaldson
2022 Corvette

Early this morning, Chevrolet released their latest version of the consensus deck to dealers outlining the latest updates for 2022 Corvette production.

According to the document, the Bowling Green Corvette Assembly Plant has been running two full shifts without interruption since June which has been awesome for customers still waiting for their 2021 Corvettes.

As we reported previously, Chevrolet is evolving into an ADS allocation methodology for the 2022 model year and according to the latest consensus deck, dealers that did not receive any 2021 Corvette allocation will receive only 1 (one) allocation for the 2022 model year in September and October.

2022 Corvette in Hypersonic Gray

2022 Corvette in Hypersonic Gray

Start of 2022 Corvette Production

While it was our belief that 2022 Corvette production would start toward the middle to end of September, Chevrolet is set to sticking to the initial start date of September 6th.

With the SORP date set for September 6th, the Build Your Own tool is set to be released on September 14th.

Consensus and Allocation

Today, starts the next round of consensus for dealers with allocation numbers set to be announced next week.  As of right now, Chevy dealers are under the assumption that another round of allocation numbers for the 2022 Corvette will be announced next week, but nothing has been officially mentioned by GM.

For now, we just have to sit and wait!

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