[PICS] It’s Official: I’m Totally Smitten by the 2021 Corvette in Silver Flare Metallic!

For the most part, the C8 Corvette looks good in just about any color available to order, but after seeing the 2021 Corvette in the new Silver Flare Metallic in person, I’m blown away!

Thanks to Adam Ellison who took delivery of the first production-based 2021 sold order Corvette in Silver Flare Metallic a month ago, we were able to get somewhat of an idea of what the Silver Flare color looked like from photos.

Let me just say, photos are nothing compared to seeing it in person…wow!  Absolutely stunning color that mutates before your eyes as you slowly walk around it and the lighting changes as it dances over the curves and creases of the Corvette’s body.

Thanks to our friends at MacMulkin Chevrolet in Nashua, New Hampshire, I’ve now been able to see the color in person.

While the new Red Mist Metallic is also stunning to see in person, under overcast skies or poor lighting, Red Mist looks like it’s on life support while the Silver Flare continues to tease your senses!

Due to its dependence on lighting, it’s not an easy color to photograph, but the color is constantly changing from a brilliant silver to a subdued bluish-gray metallic color.  It’s that kind of color that if you parked the car outside in the sun and walked out to it several times per day, the color would always be different as the sun crosses the sky.

Once you see this color in person, you’ll totally forget about Blade Silver Metallic!

Click on the photos below for a larger view and enjoy!

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