Chevrolet to Roll Out Order Tracking System for Corvette Customers!

Early this morning, Chevrolet dealers received a 31-page document entitled Corvette CANS Reference Guide and FAQs outlining a new automated system that will keep Corvette customers updated on the status of their Corvette orders.

Some of the highlights and key points outlined in the document are below:

The purpose of this initiative is to build an automated capability to notify customers of their vehicle order status and location using five event / location-based triggers.


Never leave a customer wondering where their Corvette is post order through the delivery process.


Proactively notify customers of the location of their vehicle order including customized product images via email notifications.


Implement for 2022 Corvette customers December 2021.

How it Works – Notification Triggers

The system will be designed to provide vehicle status updates to 2022 Corvette customers using the following trigger points:

Customers will receive the first email notification when their order has reached status code 3000 with ongoing notifications automatically sent with location and status information.

The order status updates will be in sync with GM’s Order Workbench (OWB) system so that customers will receive the same information that dealers will be able to see in GM’s Global Connect system.

Exactly how many emails will a customer receive?

At the most, 5 messages through the traditional process.  Some customers may only receive 3.  This is because some vehicles may not go to a VDC (vehicle distribution center / rail yard) but go straight to the dealer from the plant.  Therefore, certain message triggers may not occur for certain customers.  In addition, and in rare circumstances, a customer may receive one additional email letting them know that we don’t have an update to share at this time but that we’re still with them.  This additional email was created as a proactive measure in rare instances for when a vehicle is at gate 3000 for greater than 28 days.

It should be noted that customers will NOT receive updates as to their Targeted Production Week (TPW) dates.  Since TPW information is sometimes fluid and changing, Chevrolet will simply alert the customer when their sold order has been placed into the production schedule.

Customers will also not be notified of when their Corvette arrives at their dealership (status 5000).  Because of the amount of time it can take a dealership to receive and properly prep a Corvette for customer delivery, it will be up to the dealers to notify customers of when their vehicles have arrived and ready for final delivery.

Delivery Time and Distance

“While we anticipate enhancing this offering to include estimated delivery times, in this first iteration of automated notifications, we will not indicate expected timelines for arrival or movement within the pipeline.  We will rely on the dealer to provide any details or communications to help manage customer expectations.”

When Will The System Roll Out?

“The first notifications will start 12/6/2021.  Customers with valid email addresses in their sold orders will then begin to receive notification once they have reached gate 3000.”

This is great news for Corvette customers!

Right now, only a few top Corvette dealers in the United States offer similar tracking systems which usually require manual periodic updates to a customized system designed by the dealer.

Now, regardless of which dealer you order your Corvette from, Chevrolet will keep you in the loop!

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eljenks December 13, 2021 - 1:25 pm
A week later and I've not received an email, I'm 3000 with a TPW so I think I should have gotten an email last week. I checked my Order Workbench file, and it has me as SRE and my email is correct.
Edwin Orlosky January 29, 2022 - 12:46 pm
I have received a status of 3000 over 28 days ago, in fact it has been over 60 days and I never received an e-mail yet
Rob Loszewski January 29, 2022 - 4:38 pm
Contact your dealer.
Graham February 21, 2022 - 5:40 pm
My car was built 4 months ago. It had an original arrival date of November 19, 2021. It’s still not here 4 months later. Customer care, nor dealer will tell me why! Or when I can expect it! Pretty disappointing!
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