C8 Corvette: The Elusive Edge Red Paint Color Code

After two years of C8 Corvette production, the paint code for the Edge Red brake calipers and engine covers seems to be elusive; until now…

One of the coolest options you can get on a C8 Corvette is the Edge Red colored engine cover and brake calipers.  The color is a beautiful light burgundy metallic finish that gives the C8 Corvette just enough bling without being too in-your face.

It was recently brought to our attention by one of our readers that the paint color code for Edge Red is nowhere to be found.  Apparently, even people within GM have no idea what the paint color code is.  That’s when we decide to go to work and do a little sleuthing.

While we have yet to acquire the paint color codes for the other caliper colors and the Sterling Silver engine cover, we’re happy to report that the paint code for Edge Red is W732D.

Hopefully this helps all those owners out there looking to decorate their own Corvettes with this beautiful color!

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Gary Saunders July 13, 2021 - 5:56 pm
I just got the same color code from my friends at MacMulkin Chevrolet, thanks to their man Josh... who was the real sleuth in digging-out the code! But do you think I could actually purchase the paint from Touch Up Direct? or Dupli-color? or ACDelco?? No... not yet. But trying. If anyone out there actually knows where a small can of the Edge red Metallic paint, code W732D can be purchased, they'd make me a very happy camper!! I'm just trying to dress-up a few small front grill parts on me '21 C8 HTC. - Gary S.
Gary Saunders July 20, 2021 - 10:02 am
Still a big problem with Edge Red. I can’t find any paint or touch-up supplier that recognizes the newly discovered paint code, and that has the mix formula? I wanted to purchase a small spray can of the base coat, and a thinned two-coat app… but places like TouchUpDirect no nothing about the code. I heard from one 3rd party supplier that it may be a Toyota paint code? The mystery continues. Has GM/Chevy actually released the spec/mixology for the Edge Red?
richard February 9, 2023 - 6:00 pm
cant find color no where W732D , what paint line sales it cuz W732D DOES NOT EXIST IN THE BOOKS
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