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Bowling Green Corvette Assembly Plant Set to Close March 20th

by Rob LoszewskiRob Loszewski
Bowling Green Corvette Assembly Plant 2020

Yesterday, the Big 3 auto-makers of Detroit agreed to shut down manufacturing operations in the United States in wake of the current state of affairs with the Coronavirus pandemic.

GM officially released a press release shortly after stating that they would begin closing their assembly plants across the U.S. in a systematic fashion.  The factories will remain closed for at least the remainder of this month.

A short while ago, Jason Watson, the local shop chairman with the United Auto Workers union issued the following statement regarding the Bowling Green Corvette Assembly Plant in Kentucky:

“Brothers and Sisters,

As of this time, Management should have conveyed that Bowling Green Corvette Assembly will cease production at the end of our regular scheduled shift on Friday 3/20/20.

For those employees working 2nd shift this week, you will report to work Friday as scheduled and at the conclusion of your shift also be released.

At this time there is not a known or DEFINITIVE return to work date for our facility much alike other facilities across North America. Filing of unemployment benefits, employee compensation, and other pertinent information WILL BE FORTHCOMING as it is attained!

Please advise that this information is RAPIDLY changing and being administered as quickly as possible BOTH at the National and Local levels.

Brothers and Sisters, respectfully, all of what has transpired the last few days (and on other occasions) has changed numerous times-For us as Union Leadership it would not have been appropriate nor beneficial for us to relay information to our members KNOWING that it could likely change!

Putting out and relaying CONCRETE information is what the membership deserves!! And this will continue to be how myself and our Shop Committee continue to LEAD.

In closing, we will distribute through Shop Flyers-in the plant, and use our Union Notification System, and the OFFICIAL 2164 Facebook Page ANY and ALL details as they unfold and (once again) can be confirmed.

What we ALL are facing is unprecedented territory as UAW Auto Workers and to an extent a Nation in regards to the rampant shutting down of businesses, manufacturing, government facilities, school systems, etc.

Your Leadership will remain steadfast at attaining the things our Members may need and in a UNITED EFFORT answer questions and concerns.

In Solidarity,
Jason Watson
Shop Chairman UAW Local 2164″

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