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New C7 Corvette Z06R Track Model Coming?

by Rob Loszewski
C7 Corvette Z06R

Now that the 2019 Corvette ZR1 is falling into the hands of owners, it appears the Corvette Team at GM is nowhere near slowing down!

Spy photographers at KGP Photography recently grabbed some interesting photos of a matte gray Z06 prototype cobbled together with the ZR1’s ZTK rear wing package, some bright orange highlights around the vents and ground effects package, and more importantly, a bright orange roll cage installed inside!

What really interesting is that prototypes are usually covered in camouflage, but it appears GM wanted this one to be seen.  It appears they succeeded as that big bright orange wing and all the bright orange bits against a matte gray finish, could be spotted a mile away!

SO…what is it?  Well, our guess here at the Corvette Action Center is that it may very well be, a high performance, track-only version of the Z06 Corvette.  Obviously, Corvette Engineers learned some valuable knowledge while designing and engineering the King of the Hill, ZR1, and want to take some of those interesting tid-bits and apply them to the Z06.

If a high performance Z06R model is in the works, expect horsepower to either remain the same or increase a little, a homologation of Z06 and ZR1 suspension and aerodynamic parts, a roll cage, and possibly the reduction of sound deadening materials and weight prohibitive options.

For now, head on over to AutoBlog and enjoy all the photos!

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