[FOR SALE] Museum Quality 1989 Corvette With Only 129 Miles

In storage since new, this 1989 Corvette with only 129 miles on the clock is up for auction on the Bring a Trailer website

It always amazes me when ultra-low mile Corvettes come up for sale, especially when they were purchased new and immediately thrown into storage.  While I understand the desire to preserve and protect, it always seems to be a shame that a Corvette wasn’t driven and enjoyed and the way it was meant to be.

Such is the case with this immaculate 1989 Corvette up for auction on the Bring a Trailer website with only 129 miles on the odometer.

According to the listing, the car was purchased new by the original owner and was immediately put into storage until it was purchased in 2018 by the current owner in Fullerton, California.  The current owner has put only a handful of miles on the car and had the fuel system cleaned and the fuel pump and filter replaced.

1989 Corvettes originally came out of the factory wearing Goodyear Gatorback tires, but the car currently rolls on BFGoodrich g-Force Sport Comp-2 tires.  We can only imagine the dry-rot that was found on the original tires!

Highlights of the 1989 Corvette Model Year

While the trusty L98 engine remained the same for this year, the 1989 Corvette saw new options including a 6-speed manual ZF transmission and the introduction of a Low Tire Pressure Warning System and the all new FX3 Selective Ride and Handling package which really tamed the overall harsh ride quality that was inherent in the early years of the C4 generation.

According to our production numbers, 7,663 Corvettes were built in Bright Red (81U) for 1989 and it was the number one color to roll off the Corvette assembly line that year.  While this one isn’t necessarily rare from the standpoint of color, the ultra-low miles really makes it exceptional.

While the fuel system and tires have been attended to by the current owner, it should be noted that anyone that buys this Corvette and intends on driving it, will need to have four open recalls addressed.

If you grew up in the 1980s and you long for those days when the C4 Corvette was the slickest looking car out there and you were glued to the TV every Friday night for Knight Rider,  this immaculate 1989 Corvette could be just the ticket to bring you back to the days when digital dashboards were considered cutting edge!

Source: Bring a Trailer

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