Original Unrestored 1967 Corvette Up For Auction By Mecum

In 1967, 8,504 Corvette coupes were built, with only 1,423 of those rolling out of the St. Louis Assembly plant in Ermine White. What makes this one particularly interesting is that it’s completely original, unrestored, and has only 2,996 miles on the odometer.

Offered by Mecum Auctions in Kissimmee, Florida this coming January, this particular 1967 Corvette has had only one owner who put all 2,996 miles on it. According to the listing, it’s believed that not a single person has ever sat in the passenger seat!

In this day and age, it’s extremely difficult to find Corvettes that are this old that are completely unmolested with such low miles and in this condition.

Below are the details of this exceptional Corvette from the auction listing:


  • Preserved unrestored in as-new condition
  • 2,996 total miles, all driven by the original owner
  • No one known to sit in the passenger seat
  • Baggage never carried in the rear compartment
  • Original VIN stamps on engine, transmission, body, and frame
  • Original window sticker, order copy, warranty book and dealer docs
  • Original tank sticker never removed
  • GM documented options: 427/390 HP V-8, 3,36 gear ratio, tinted glass, telescopic steering column, dual side exhaust, aluminum alloy wheels, Dayton tires mounted by the dealer on day one
  • No damage history
  • Minor conservation treatment on engine and accessories
  • Unbroken chain of custody from date of manufacture to present
  • Sets a standard of measurement for historical accuracy and provenance
  • Will be used as the measurement standard for InSight™, a new inspection service
  • Notarized 45-page ‘Prove It’ Report by David Burroughs
  • 6 Volume ‘Prove It’ History Box contains GM and ownership documents, correspondence regarding discovery and conservation, photos and records of 2017 conservation process returning the vehicle to operational service, video interview conducted by David Burroughs regarding the original owner; how and why the vehicle was driven so little and preserved so well
  • ‘Prove It’ Report states, ‘This vehicle belongs in the Smithsonian, not in a car show’
  • One of the world’s finest preserved original and most documented sports cars

This CAR belongs in the Smithsonian, not in a car show.

This car is not intended for anyone wanting to drive or fiddle with a Corvette on weekends. Neither is it intended for anyone wanting a restored 100-point piece of jewelry. It is intended for the passionate automotive historian.

It has one primary purpose—to permanently serve as an industrial document to remind us what America’s Sport Car really smelled like, sounded like and looked like brand new—inside, outside, under hood and chassis. Flaws included. That requires a special kind of owner.

Aesthetically striking, highly optioned, high performance, historically significant and flawless provenance are the attributes of long-term collectibles. Volumes of relevant documents and data present a window into conservation of the few things repaired, rehabilitated or replaced since new. Its new condition is obvious to the eye. However, its important hidden historic details may not be. A history box of GM documents, correspondence, photos, Prove It report and other interesting details are available for inspection. (Highlights on a flash drive may be requested.)

There are literally thousands of perfectly restored vehicles available at any given time. There are only a handful of perfectly preserved ones available. Ever. For centuries, the basic form of wealth has been the possession of scarce and desirable tangible objects. Vehicles like these are scarce tangible objects that require protection and pro-active conservation.

For more than 50 years, it has been remarkably protected. It requires a special type of person to be responsible for its continued safekeeping.

For complete auction details and photos, visit the Mecum Auto Auction Listing.

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