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Regarding Product Campaign Bulletin 95-C-16 High Shift Effort into Reverse Gear on Manual Transmission - 1995 Corvettes

"I have a 1995 Chevy corvette that is having this exact issue and my vin is clearly within the parameters of the ones in this article. I have been disputing with GM about honoring this recall and I have been told that they cannot go off of this article because it is not posted on their website. Clearly this was initially sent out by GM. I am wondering if you have any suggestions or can tell me where this information was initially located. Thanks for any assistance."


Unfortunately, GM‘s response is not entirely accurate.  This recall notice IS in GM‘s Service Information section within their Global Connect system.  What they failed to tell you is that the program expired.

This was a voluntary recall program that GM initiated back on January 1st, 1995.  When a manufacturer issues their own recall program, they can set expiration dates on that program, which is the case with this particular recall notice.  As a result, GM is under no obligation to address this recall notice for your Corvette since this recall notice expired.

Had this recall notice been a federal recall notice (issued by the NHTSA), then the recall notice would be applicable to the car throughout its existence.

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