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How-To: Proper Detailing Materials

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The following is a response from Sal Zaino, the owner of Zaino Brothers Wax Products in response to an inquiry about the use of baby diapers for waxing. I thought his response was 100% accurate and extremely informative. Enjoy!


Cotton baby diapers are fine. As long as they are Gerber or equivalent 100% Cotton Made in USA. Watch out for diapers that are Made in Russia. Do not use them....they will scratch...

I prefer 100% Cotton Towels(Made in the USA) Cannon or Fieldcrest name brand. Towels have a soft nap and are more forgiving than diapers if you pick up dirt or particulates. The nap will help not let any dirt particulates, scratch your paint. The diapers are not as friendly....

To remove polish I always use 100% Made in the USA. High quality, Brand name towels. Example Cannon or Fieldcrest. I always use Bath towels. Make sure you cut the stitching off the edge of the towel. Most other Brand name towels

I’ve analyzed are not 100% Cotton but a blend of cotton and polyester. Even though they say 100% Cotton they are not. Sorry...

Auto store towels and packaged towels are not 100% cotton, although they say 100% cotton they are NOT!!! The cotton material is from overseas and is not federally regulated. It is usually 60% cotton and a 40% blend of polyester and nylon. This will definetly scratch the paint finish. If a towel says made in Pakistan or Bangladesh, etc, throw it out.

Most of the towels K-Mart, Walmart or Auto stores sells are not the high quality Cannon towels. But a lower quality towel. Sorry that I am so anal, but I only want the best for your paint.

I go to a Bath and Linen shop in any Mall or Department store. That’s where you’ll find the Cannon or Fieldcrest Brand.

The Large White Cannon or Fieldcrest cost about $10 to $16.00 each. Well worth the investment. They should last about a year. If the towels are $6.00 something is wrong! You must use only white. Not colored towels.....

Only use Liquid detergent such as All or Tide, etc. Do not use Bleach, Powdered Detergents or any kind of fabric softner. They will leave a chemical residue in the towels which will transfer to your paint finish and also cause tiny swirls and scratches..

Make sure to run rinse cycle twice to remove all detergent.

You should cut the selvages(borders) off the perimeter of the towels. This selvage contains nylon and polyester stitching that could possibly scratch your paint finish. The towels will fray a little once this is done. But it’s better to play it safe.

Drying the towels on high heat will make them hold a static charge. I use the regular heat setting and remove them a little damp and let them air dry. You can fluff the towel real good when it’s dry to make it softer.

As the towels get older they will lose there nap and absorbency and will have to be replaced.

Thank You,
Sal Zaino

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How-To: Proper Detailing Materials

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