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C7 Corvette: Service Information: Transmission Control Lever Knob Replacement

C7 Corvette Transmission Control Lever Knob Replacement

Removal Procedure
C7 Corvette Transmission Control Lever Knob Replacement

  1. Carefully remove the shift control knob trim ring (1) by lifting upward and turning 1/4 turn counter-clockwise and pulling downward.
  2. Remove the shift control knob retaining fastener (2).
  3. Remove the shift control knob (3).
  4. Installation Procedure

    C7 Corvette Transmission Control Lever Knob Replacement
      1. Clean the stub shaft and fastener (2) threads prior to reinstalling the shift knob to remove residual threadlocker using a (recommended) tap and die set.
      2. Install the shift control knob (3) onto the shift control lever.
      3. Apply threadlocker to the shift knob fastener (2) and install the fastener.

    Caution:  Refer to  Fastener Caution .

    1. Install the shift control knob retainer fastener (2) and tighten to  7 Y (62 lb in) .
    2. Install the shift control knob trim ring (1) and turn clockwise to lock into place.


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