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2015 - 2020 Corvette: Service Bulletin: #17-NA-078: Information on Corvette Exhaust Tone During Wide Open Throttle While in Sport or Track Modes - (Sep 18, 2020)

#17-NA-078: Information on Corvette and Camaro Exhaust Tone During Wide Open Throttle While in Sport or Track Modes - (Sep 18, 2020)

Subject Information on Corvette and Camaro Exhaust Tone During Wide Open Throttle While in Sport or Track Modes



Model Year:












6.2L Engine (RPOs LT1, LT2 Equipped with NPP, LT4 or LT5)






Involved Region or Country

North America, Japan, Europe, Middle East


Some customers may comment that they hear a "pop" or "backfire" sound from the exhaust while performing a wide open throttle maneuver while in Sport or Track driving modes.


The exhaust sound heard during the wide open throttle maneuver is normal.


No repairs should be performed if there are no diagnostic codes, and the exhaust sound that the customer noticed goes away when the driver mode is selected to any other driver mode other than Sport or Track.

Note: The 2020 Corvette may experience the exhaust sound mentioned in the bulletin when the following driving modes are selected; Sport, Track, MY Mode and Z Mode depending on the personalization of the engine sound.

Parts Information

No parts are needed for this concern.

Customer Information

Please communicate to the customer this condition is a normal characteristic of their vehicle. It will not impact the designed performance or reliability of the vehicle. Please share this information with the customer, including a copy of this Bulletin.





November 2, 2018 – Added the 2018 and 2019 Model Years and the LT1 and LT5 engine RPOs.

September 18, 2020 – Added the 2020 Chevrolet Corvette, 2020 - 2021 Chevrolet Camaro, updated the Engine column, updated the Involved Region or Country section and added a Note to the Correction.


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