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2005 - 2013 Corvette: Service Bulletin: #10-08-62-002 - Front License Plate Bracket Installation Instructions

#10-08-62-002 - Front License Plate Bracket Installation Instructions

Models:  2005 - 2013 Chevrolet Corvette

Date:  Nov 1, 2010

Use In conjunction With the graphic instructions included With the front license plate bracket kit. The numbered steps in this procedure correlate With the numbered graphics in the instruction sheet.

Important: THE FRONT FASCIA AND THE LICENSE PLATE BRACKET MUST BE AT LEAST 16°C (60° F) AND NOT MORE THAN 43°C (110°F). If these temperature guidelines are not followed, the bracket will not stay permanently attached.

1. BEFORE MOUNTING THE BRACKET, on a solid surface, drill four 5mm (3/16 in) holes at the marked locations on the bracket.

2. Wash the front fascia with warm soap and water to remove all dirt and residue.

3. Towel dry to remove all moisture. 4. Center and align the bracket on the front fascia and hold in place.

5. Use masking tape to mark the position of the left, right and bottom edges. -. Use an alcohol wipe to remove any grease or residue from the front fascia attachments points between the masking tape.

6. Remove the three plastic protectors on the back side of the bracket to expose the adhesive.

7. Starting at the bottom, align the bracket to the tape marks on the fascia and roll the bracket upwards to engage the three adhesive disks.

8. Apply pressure to the area where the disks meet the fascia and maintain pressure for at least 10 seconds.

9. Use the four supplied license plate screws to attach the vehicle license plate to the holes that were drilled in step 1.

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