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2005 - 2009 Corvette: Service Bulletin: Snap, Pop or Rattle Noise From Lift Off Roof Panel While Driving

Bulletin #:

Subject: Snap, Pop or Rattle Noise From Lift Off Roof Panel While Driving (Replace Front Lift Off Roof Panel Handles and Lube)

Models: 2005-2009 Chevrolet Corvette
with Removable Clear Roof Panel (RPO CC3), Removable Sun Roof Panel (RPO CF7) or Dual Removable Roof Panels (RPO C2L)

Some customers may comment on a snap, pop or rattle noise coming from the lift off roof panel while driving.

This condition may be caused by the nylon roller inside the left and/or right front roof panel latching handle becoming loose and causing the roller to move on the pin, creating the noise.

Replace the left and right front lift off roof panel handles (1) and lube. Refer to Roof Lift Off Panel Front Latch Handle Replacement in SI. The updated handles have a new design ramp insert in place of the nylon roller.

Technicians are to apply GM Super Lube® with PTFE, P/N 12371287 (in Canada, P/N 10953437) to both sides (left and right) at the following areas:

Apply GM Super Lube® around the entire guide pin ball (1) on the roof panel.

Apply GM Super Lube® inside the "pocket" of the stainless steel track (1).

Handle, Roof Lift Off Panel - Left

Handle, Roof Lift Off Panel - Right

12371287 (US)
GM Vehicle Care Super Lube® with PTFE

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