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2005 - 2011 Corvette: GM TechLink: Servicing Corvette HVAC Actuators

Source: GM Techlink

Date:  August 2010

Subject:   Servicing Corvette HVAC Actuators

Models: 2005 - 2011 Chevrolet Corvette

When servicing the right-hand (RH) temperature actuator or mode HVAC actuator on the 2005-2011 Corvette, it is necessary to roll back the instrument panel for access to the actuators. (Fig. 14) Because rolling back the instrument panel is a very labor intensive procedure, it is recommended to replace all four HVAC actuators when diagnostics lead to replacing the RH temperature actuator or mode HVAC actuator.

2005 - 2011: Service Information: Servicing Corvette HVAC Actuators
(Fig. 14)

TIP: After installation, the actuators must be recalibrated. Refer to the actuator recalibration procedure in the Service Information.

- Thanks to Jeremy Richardson

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