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1998 - 2004 Corvette: Press Release: Active Handling System

The following text appeared in a GM Press Release that was issued at the Las Vegas SEMA Show in the Fall of 1998. The Active Handling System, RPO JL4, debuted on the 1998 Corvette and became standard equipment on the 2001 model.

"The Corvette Active Handling system is a logical next step in the evolution of enhanced chassis control systems like ABS brakes and traction control. Working in close concert with those other two systems, Active Handling enhances the accident avoidance capabilities of the already nimble Corvette. It will be offered as an option (JL4) on all 1998-1/2 Corvette models. Additionally, it will be a required option on replicas of the ’98 Corvette convertible Indy 500 Pace Car."

Active Handling

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