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1997 - 1999 Corvette: Service News: Corvette Illuminated Check Gauges Light

Subject: Corvette Illuminated Check Gauges Light
Model and Year: 1997 - 1999 Corvette
Source: Chevrolet Pro Service News
Page Number: NA
Date: November 1998 - Volume 7, Issue #11

Some 1997 - 1999 Corvettes may exhibit an illuminated "check gauges" light along with the fuel gauge reading empty.  This condition results from the owner refueling the vehicle without turning off the engine.

Without turning off the engine, the PCM does not receive the correct information from the fuel level sensors.  The system may also set DTC P1431.  owners should be advised to turn off the engine before refueling.

  1. I am experience this problem. Can the PCM sensors be reset? If so, how much should I expect to pay for it.

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