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1984 Corvette: Service Bulletin: Brake Squeal

Source: Chevrolet Dealer Service Bulletin
Number: 84-141
Section:  5 (V)
Date: June, 1984
Subject: Brake Squeal
Model Year: 1984


Brake squeal has been experienced on some 1984 Corvettes. Two (2) possible causes for brake squeal are:

  1. Some very early Corvettes may exhibit front brake squeal that may be caused by "corrosion insulators", located on outboard pads, becoming dislodged and rubbing against the center portion of the rotor. A new insulator to brake pad adhesive was implemented shortly after start of production. Vehicles experiencing this condition can be repaired by installing front brake pads, P/N 14067582.

  2. Rear brakes may have a sensitivity to "tip-in" brake squeal on light to moderate brake stops. "Tip-in" brake squeal vehicles can be repaired by installing rear rotors, P/N 14084143. It is suggested that both rear rotors be replaced on tip-in squeal condition vehicles. Vehicles starting with serial number E5136435 were built with P/N 14084143 rear rotors.
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