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Corvette Damage Report From Bowling Green Assembly Plant

Approximately 122 2022 Corvettes were damaged beyond repair in the Assembly Plant due to the early morning Tornado that passed through Bowling Green on Saturday

by Bradan DonaldsonBradan Donaldson
Damaged Corvettes outside of a building at the NCM Motorsports Park

As we reported on Saturday, a destructive Tornado passed through Bowling Green during the early morning hours on Saturday, December 11th – leveling homes and causing significant damage to the National Corvette Museum’s Motorsports Park as well as the Corvette Assembly Plant.

According to reports we received, the gas station across the street from the Assembly Plant was nearly destroyed and the hotel just outside of the Assembly Plant sustained significant damage when the tornado picked up a truck and threw it into the hotel.

From what we were told, the cause of the fire in back of, or on the top of the Assembly Plant was caused by a ruptured fuel line, although we haven’t been able to verify that.

Bowling Green Corvette Assembly Plant fire after the wake of a TornadoEarly this morning, Chevrolet dealers with customer orders in the system, are receiving word that approximately 122 Corvettes inside the Assembly Plant were damaged beyond repair and being scrapped.  Dealers with customer orders for their cars will have to re-submit the orders into GM’s Order Workbench System.

Those cars that were totaled, will move to the head of the line for production once that Corvette Assembly Plant re-opens.

Corvettes that were sitting outside in back of the factory awaiting shipping, are still being assessed for damage.  Those vehicles are currently on hold and will not ship to their respective dealers until a full damage assessment is completed.

Dealers will be notifying customers with damaged cars and will provide further details.

Corvette Allocation – Mid December

Given the news about the damaged Corvettes at the Assembly Plant, allocation numbers for the next round of 2022 Corvette orders appear to not have been negatively affected.  Dealers will be placing orders according to last weeks initial consensus numbers which is good news for customers that are still waiting for a new Corvette.

High Wing Spoilers on Constraint

2020 Corvette High Wing SpoilerAs part of this allocation round, dealers have been notified that the High Wing Spoiler option is now on constraint.  As a result, orders being placed into GM’s Order Workbench system can’t be submitted with this option.  Dealers will be reaching out to customers over the next few days with orders being submitted with this round of allocation and notifying them of this constraint.

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L S Gerling December 17, 2021 - 11:41 am

Quick question, does the Bowling Green Assembly Plant offer a “Scratch and Dent” sale for those vehicles that are repairable? Typically if a new car becomes damaged in any way, even with a scratch the automobile cannot be sold as “New”. Just curious.

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