Family Loses Everything Except Their C6 Corvette in Bad Weather

The storm system that swept through southeast Louisiana on Tuesday, February 24, 2016 had largely spared the New Orleans area as of wreaking havoc with citizens’ nerves and schedules but doing the most damage farther west in LaPlace which was hit hardest.

Citizens in LaPlace were picking up the pieces of the severe storm which uplifted trees, ripped roofs off of homes, and caused a lot of destruction throughout the community. As of Tuesday night, they still didn’t have power there.

Many homes in the Indigo Estates subdivision were destroyed by what is believe to have been a possible tornado.  The high winds just about destroyed Carl Terry’s entire home; ripping the roof off and destroying most of the interior.  However, his prized C6 Corvette was somehow, miraculously spared.

In this video, WGNO TV shows some of the damage done to Terry’s home and his C6 Corvette still nestled safely in the garage.

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