1965 Corvette: Service News: Vent the Window Regulator Motor

Subject:  Vent the Window Regulator Motor
Model and Year:  1965 - All Chevrolets
Source:  Chevrolet Service News
Page Number:  1
Date:  December, 1965 - Volume 37 - Number 11

Refer to article "Replacing Window Regulator Motor", on the last page of November issue of Service News for door window regulator motor replacement . . . . and before completely replacing the motor, the lower attaching screw should be drilled through (hollow) to vent the motor (See Fig. 1).  Venting the motor on all replacement motors will improve the reliability of power window motors.

IMPORTANT:  The screw to be vented is the lower one of the three screws.  The motor housing is cored to permit air to enter motor interior only at this one location.

A hollow screw #9708619 will become available for service at a later date.

NOTE:  If vented screw Part No. 9708619 is not available, drill a 1/16" hole through the center of one of the motor to regulator attaching screws and countersink the head of the screw (Refer to Fig. 1).  Drill hole starting at threaded end of screw.

Construct a water deflector, 2" x 4" with a 1/4" hole 1-1/4" from one end, from suitable water repellent material.

Production now incorporates this change.

1965 Corvette Window Regulator Venting

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