1982 Corvette Collectors Edition: Service Bulletin: White Deposit on Door Trim Panel

Subject:   White Deposit on Door Trim Panel
Model and Year:   1982 Corvette Collectors Edition
Source:  Chevrolet Dealer Service Technical Bulletin
Bulletin No:  82-T-100
Section:   I
Date:  Aug. 1982


Customer comments of white lines or deposits on the leather special edition side door trim panels have been reported.

This condition is caused by the substance used by the leather supplier to improve the flame resistance of the material.  It appears that if the trim panel gets wet and the temperature inside the vehicle is sufficiently high, the flame retardant can go into solution.  This compound can then wick through any hole in the panel such as a stitch hole, and a salt is deposited on the appearance surface.  When this salt is removed, the surface is permanently disfigured and the panel should be replaced.

On approximately May 14, 1982, this condition was corrected in production.  Likewise, service parts have been corrected.

Use applicable labor operation.

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