1959 Corvette: Service Bulletin: Directional Signal Malfunction

Subject:  Directional Signal Malfunction
Model Year:  1959 Passenger Cars
Date:  February 2, 1959
Bulletin Number: TSB #589
Section: XII


Malfunctioning of early production 1959 Passenger Car Directional Signal Control Assemblies and Switches has been reported.  The problems generally involve one or more of the following:  loosening of the actuating ring pivot pin resulting in erratic action, failure of the control to cancel, shorting of the pawls against the horn contact, and failure of the switch to return to neutral position rendering one stop light inoperative.

A series of interim changes were made to improve the operation of the original design controls and switches.  The December issue of Service News covers repair and adjustment procedures to correct some of the problems on the early design directional signals.

Redesigned Control Assemblies and Switches are now in production and available for service.  These new parts incorporate a number of changes intended to correct all the deficiencies known to exist in the original design.



3765110 -------- Directional Signal Switch
899296 --------- Directional Signal Control Assembly

Part No. 899296, Control Assembly, is painted medium gray color and has three holes drilled in it to accommodate the automatic transmission indicator quadrant.  It will be necessary to paint the control assembly to match the interior of the particular car involved, and also on units with three-speed transmissions, the three holes in the control assembly housing should be filled with putty or plastic solder before painting.

If directional signal malfunctioning cannot be corrected using the methods outlined in Service News, the new type Control Assembly or Control Switch should be installed as rquired.

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