1957 - 1963 Corvette: Service News: New Fuel Injection Service Kits Available

Subject:   New Fuel Injection Services Kits Available
Model and Year: 1957 - 1963 Corvette
Source: Chevrolet Service News
Date:  December, 1962 - Volume 34 - Number 11

In response to numerous requests from Chevrolet dealer personnel, the following fuel injection service kits have recently been made available through regular Chevrolet Parts channels.

Fuel Injection Repair Kit #7017297

This kit provides all parts normally required for periodic maintenance or clean-out of the ful injection system.  It contains such items as diaphragms, gaskets, screens, pump filter, needle and seat assembly and "O" ring seals.  The Part No. 7017297 Repair Kit is designed for use in all fuel injection units installed by Chevrolet during model years 1957 through 1963.

Cold Enrichment Modification Kit #7017215

Modifications of 1958 thru 61 model year fuel injection units by installation of the parts in this kit, will provide a means of cold enrichment similar to that introduced in the fuel injection units for the 1962 model year.  That being, the use of an almost conventional blade type choke valve mounted in a new venturi diffuser cone, with an electrically heated thermostatic coil regulating the choke valve positioning  to provide necessary venturi signal "boost" for fuel enrichment.

Specifically, the 70172115 Modification Kit is designed for use on the following model fuel injection units:  7014900, 7014900R, 7017200, 7017250, 7017300, 7017310, 7017320.

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