1963 - 1964 Corvette: Service News: Air Conditioning Changes

Subject:   Air Conditioning Changes
Model and Year: 1963 - 1964 Corvette
Source: Chevrolet Service News
Date: March 1964 - Volume 36 - Number 3

On all 1963 and early 1964 Corvettes equipped with Air Conditioner RPO C60, it would be necessary to slightly modify the electrical circuit to provide a true medium blower speed for the heater.  In these RPO C60 installations, the resistor that was used in the blower motor circuit to establish blower medium and low speeds, unfortunately, during heater operation provides blower "low" RPM at the MEDIUM as well as at the LOW speed setting of the operator’s control lover.

A wiring change introduced in Production averted the above problem on vehicles built later than December 16, 1963.

To provide the desired medium blower speed, on the earlier production units, proceed as follows:

  1. Replace the installed blower motor resistor with Resistor Part No. 3843168.
  2. Reverse the location of two leads in the multiple connector that plugs into the blower motor resistor assembly; reinstalling the color coded leads in the connector body at the locations show in Fig. 1.

NOTE:  To remove the terminals from the connector body, insert a small screwdriver along the inboard side of the terminal and move the end of the screwdriver outboard to disengage the terminal from the locking ledge in the connector.  Before reinstalling the terminals in the connector, spead the terminals to insure that they lock securely when installed.

1963 - 1964 Corvette Factory AC Changes

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