1969 - 1970 Corvette: Chevrolet Engineering Service Letter: Radio Service Update

Subject:   1969 and Future Corvette Suppression Material - U69
Model and Year:  1969 - 1970 Corvette
Date:   NA
Source:   Chevrolet Engineering Service Letter - 70-1-23

It is possible in weak signal areas that noise in the radio will be apparent enough to cause owner complaints.  This condition should not be prevalent in a strong signal area except to a most critical listener.  Should these complaints occur, the following is recommended:

  1. Remove and discard ammeter capacitor #3934217.  The capacitor actually adds alternator noise into the radio.
  2. Re-route the ammeter lead wires into an existing harness retaining clip in such a manner that these ammeter wires DO NOT drape down on top of the radio case.  The proximity of the ammeter leads induces the same noise electrically into the radio case.

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