1965 Corvette: Chevrolet Engineering Service Letter: Hood Flutter and Rapping on the Radiator Support (No. 189-T.I.)

Subject:   Hood Flutter and Rapping on the Radiator Support (No. 189-T.I.)
Model and Year:  1965 Corvette - with 396 c.i. / 425 H.P. Motor
Date:   T.N. #7 - June 30, 1965 - Section XI - Chassis Sheet Metal
Source:   Chevrolet Engineering Service Letter

Field complaints have been reported of hood flutter with occasional hood "Rapping" on the radiator support in extreme flutter conditions.  In the field, the rapping noise can be corrected and the flutter can be reduced by cementing a 1-1/2 foot length of rubber seal to the top of the radiator support assembly.  The seal must be centered on the radiator support so the points of hood contact on the radiator support are covered by the rubber seal.  An identical fix went into effect in production approximately 5-6-65, on vehicle serial #S116736.

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