1966 Corvette: Service News: Wiring Diagrams for Breakerless Ignition Systems

Subject: Wiring Diagrams for Breakerless Ignition Systems
Model and Year: 1966 Passenger Cars
Source: Chevrolet Service News
Page Number:   NA
Date: November 1965 - Volume 37 - Number 10

The following wiring diagrams for breakerless ignition systems superseded all other published diagrams for Chevrolet, Chevelle, Chevy II and Corvette.

The "12 white" is a calibrated resistance wire located on the negative side of the ignition coil on 1965 vehicles.  However, in 1966 this resistance is placed on the positive side of the coil for added protection of the ignition pulse amplifier in case of accidentally grounding the ignition coil wire.  At the present time, the above does not apply to trucks.

1966 Corvette Breakerless Ignition Systems Diagram

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