GM Press Release: January 6, 1997: NAIAS — Corvette

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FOR RELEASE:  January 6, 1997
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NAIAS — Corvette

DETROIT — The Corvette has been a staple in the car lover’s diet since 1953, and continues to be to this day. Proof comes from the fact that the Corvette has been America’s best-selling sports car for several decades. The new model combines beauty, performance, comfort and magic all in one sleekly styled, aerodynamic machine. The fifth-generation Corvette will reach out to loyalists, as well as those who are not traditional Corvette buyers. It adds new materials, engineering and design to produce a vehicle worthy of its ground-breaking heritage. The 1997 Corvette is true to its reputation. The legend lives.


Dimension Improvement
(‘97 vs. ‘96)

Headroom +1.3 in.
Legroom +0.7 in.
Shoulder room +1.4 in.
Driver footwell width +3.1 in.
Passenger footwell width +6.3 in.
Seat Travel +0.5 in.
Cargo capacity +12.4 cu. ft.
Trunk area reach over distance -13.8 in.
Door opening, top +0.8 in.
Step in height -3.7 in.

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