1954 Corvette: Service Bulletin: New Valve Spring - High Lift Cam Engines

Model Year: 1954 Corvettes with High Lift Cam Engines
Subject: New Valve Spring
Source: Chevrolet Technical Service Bulletin
Bulletin Number: DR - 177, Section VI
Date: August 12, 1954


A new Valve Spring with higher tensile strength has been released for Service for the 1954 Powerglide and 261" Engines.

This spring should be used for the following conditions:

On POWERGLIDE ENGINES where valve spring surge occurs due to loss of valve spring tension and valve lifter pump-up, in these cases the car speed will be limited to approximately 70 to 80 MPH.

On 261" TRUCK ENGINES for valve spring surge which is usually reported as a loss of power or inability to obtain top speed, which will vary from 38 to 60 MPH depending on axle ratio and tire sizes.

In addition, the following conditions may occur in varying degrees depending on engine loading and the length of time engine has been operated while the valve springs have been surging.

Excessive Spark Plug Burning.
Intake Valves Burning.
Valves pounding or tuliping - causing loss of compression.
Loss of Tappet Clearance on 261" Engines.
Hesitation or popping back through carburetor at high speed.
Valves hitting top of pistons.
No upshift in Powerglide transmission with accellerator through detent.

Spring Data

Spring 3836640 3704142
Identification (8 coils Left Hand
( Dark Brown or
( Red Oxide
(7 1/2 coils Left Hand
( Dark Blue or
( Dark Green

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