1955 Corvette: Service Bulletin: Rear Engine Mountings 1955 Passenger 6 & 8 Cylinder With Powerglide

Model Year: 1955
Subject: Rear Engine Mountings 1955 Passenger 6 & 8 Cylinder with Powerglide
Source: Chevrolet Service Bulletin
Number: DR #230
Section:  VI
Date: November 2, 1955


In cases where the rear engine mounting bolts break or shear off on any 1955 Passenger Car with Powerglide Transmission, the 3/8" bolts and studs should be replaced with the special steel bolts and stud as listed below.

It will be necessary to remove the Powerglide Servo Cover and the Low and Drive Drive Valve Body to drill and tap the mounting hols in the Flywheel Housing for 7/16" - 14 stud and bolts, use drill Letter "U" which is .368" Diameter or a 23/64" Drill. It may also be necessary to drill the corresponding holes in the mounting to 7/16".

Flat Rate time two hours.


RequiredDescriptionPart No.
1 Rear Mounting - Left Hand 3721665
1 Rear Mounting - Right Hand 3721666
3 Bolts (Special Steel) 3722375
4 Washers 120383
1 Nut 120370
1 Stud (Special Steel) 103215

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